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Your are invited to join Fort Dearborn Chapter of The Illinois Audubon Society.  Memberships in Fort Dearborn Chapter is contingent upon also joining the The Illinois Audubon Society.

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City______________________ State_______________ Zip Code________________

Email Address_________________________________________________________

Illinois Audubon Society Annual Dues

____$25 Friend          ____$50-$99     Steward      ____$500-$999 Advocate

____$30 Friend Plus   ____$100-$499 Guardian     ____$1,000+    Benefactor

____$5,000+ Legacy

Illinois Audubon Society Level of Support        $__________

Fort Dearborn Chapter Dues                          $______10.00

Total                                                            $__________

Make checks payable to, and mail to:  Illinois Audubon Society, P.O. Box 2547, Springfield, IL 62708.

Members receive the following publications:  Illinois Audubon, Cardinal News, and Fort Dearborn Newsletter.  Fort Dearborn has 10 evening meetings a year, and averages more than 15 field trips and/or workshops a year.